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T.W.O. True Grits (28 Oct 2001)

19th Annual 50cc True Grits Fun Run

This year about one hundred 50cc motorcycles and riders signed up to ride the twisty, curvy, hilly 60-something mile loop from Suches north on 60, to Skeenah Gap Road, Old Blue Ridge Parkway, then south from Morgantown and back down Route 60 to Suches/T.W.O.   

Many thanks to Ben Cheatwood of American Honda for organizing yet another year of this AMA sanctioned event.  And thanks to Britt and G.T. Turner from T.W.O. for providing the home base and beautiful scenery.  The temperature was a bit cooler than last year, but it is the end of October after all so I will stop whining!  

The cookie sale generated $2737.00 for the Suches volunteer fire department. The Butch Lieder fund generated over $1000 and combined with some of the entry fee, the first cookie was sold for $1750.00. Brandi Williams' homemade cookies were so tasty that they continued to sell even after the basket was empty.

A special thanks to Robert Pandya and Aprilia USA!  Robert had some of Aprilia's latest models on display - including the all new 1000cc Adventure Sport CapoNord that will be arriving in the US in early 2002.  Not to mention the totally awesome RS50 and some incredible scooters!  There were also Aprilia goodies for those lucky enough to get them... 

We certainly missed Team Calamari.  Hope you will be back next year!  

Watch Speedvision!  They caught most of this '2001 Odyssey - True Grit' in action for the world to envy :-)

Many thanks to Ara Gureghian, Michael Carrick and Scott Bogue for adding to the photo collection!

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